Lulu Mac Shares Her Lonesome R&B Jam, “I.B.F.L” (ft. Willow the Cat)

Olive Soki

Back in March Lulu Mac released her first single of the year, “Regret.” An electrifying cautionary tale on relationships and naivety that left us wanting more. A couple of months and streams later, she’s back once again, this time to share her second release of the year, “I.B.F.L,” in collaboration with fellow Syracuse artists Willow the Cat.

Opposed to reflection on relationships and the regrets that may come along with them, Lulu is dealing with the back-end of these broken bonds; solitude. Clearly spelled out, or should I say abbreviated for us, the title and the phrase in the main refrain summarizes the thematic nature of the single.

“I.B.F.L” is a take on loneliness and yearning disguised as an R&B jam. Filled with kaleidoscopic harmonies and enticing drum patterns, the track perfectly fits the Sweet Sexy Savage-esque aesthetic of joyful, but lyrically vulnerable, R&B we all know and love. Besides her sweet vocals and relatable verses, the 3 minute track also features a clever verse by Willow the Cat, which was anecdotally completed in the matter of about 30 minutes.

“I.B.F.L” marks the beginning of a string of singles which will potentially be released by the end of the summer. So if you want to hear more from Lulu, and immerse yourself in her musical universe, I highly suggest sticking around and streaming her latest singles.

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