Tapped In: Tai Verdes

Joe DelloStritto

Tai Verdes is making shows like American Idol and The Voice regret ever rejecting him with his latest release “we would have some cute kids.” The song not only dropped today, but Tai also dropped the perfect music video to match it’s vibe. The video shows Verdes crushing on a girl in the park, and enters his mind as he’s imagining a future with her. Tai Verdes sings,

"We would have some cute kids,

We would go on so many family trips,

Let’s pack the minivan, see the Hoover Dam,

You making me a real family man."

The song embodies his charismatic positive energy, as the LA-based artist sings over a boom-bap beat with a chorus of claps and smooth acoustic guitar. Verdes flexes his entire vocal arsenal in this one, reaching an infectious, impressive high tenor during the chorus. In his imagination, Verdes gives a vintage look at the American family, picturing having a son and daughter with the mystery girl at the park. The process obsessed artist is pictured driving a lawn mower while the kids play with water balloons, jump on trampolines, and take roundtrips in the all-too-classic Volkswagen minivan. The video, directed by Logan Fields, flawlessly embodies the track’s warm summery aesthetic familiar in Verde’s alt-R&B style.

Following TikTok hits “Stuck In The Middle” and “DRUGS,” Tai Verdes has established that he’s not just a trend, he’s here to stay. Take a look at his new music video for “we would have some cute kids.” below.

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