Tapped In: Blood Cultures

Conner Crosby

Anonymity in music has always been an interesting concept. For many, the relationship between artists and fans is not just a prioritized aspect of the music industry, but in itself the foundation of the music world. On the other hand, there are the remarkable artists that defy these beliefs and shroud themselves in mystery. To achieve success, these artists isolate the relationship between their creative output and those who appreciate it, and in rare cases, are able to establish an artistic presence larger than what any personality or group of personalities could have. Well on their way to doing exactly that, the group of musicians known only as Blood Cultures is one of the most beautifully realized instances of anonymous artistry on the rise in the music industry today.

The ambient, psychedelic sounds of Blood Cultures carry a unique mixture of experimentation and familiarity. In their new single, “Keeps Bringing Me Back,” Blood Cultures combine silky R&B vocals with ominous synthwave production. As dark and aggressive as the production may be, the wall of sound remains at a fairly consistent height for most of the track, before the wonderfully climactic conclusion delivers a new definition of the word “epic.” Alongside this new track, we have been treated to another music video from the group. Like their music, their videos are rich in artistry and contain nostalgia paired with an experimental edge. Revisiting vintage horror aesthetics, the video for “Keeps Bringing Me Back” takes us on an eerily exciting journey led by activist, Broadway performer, and magazine editor Dimitri Moise. Go check it out.

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