Tapped In: Hoosh

Joe DelloStritto

Hoosh’s new music video, “Nights,” will make you feel drunk.

Hoosh recently linked up with Miami videographer B Wade for an incredible union between song and visuals. His latest release, “Nights,” juxtaposes a simple acoustic guitar with Hoosh’s powerful, distinctive vocals. The accompanying video depicts a wasted Hoosh fumbling around in the night, knocking into walls and grasping onto chain link fences in a desperate effort to steady up. As Hoosh smokes his cigarette, the camera blurs in and out of focus, creating a fish eye effect on the singer.

In a masterful combination of angels, effects, and storytelling, B Wade delivers the overwhelming feeling of an indistinct state of mind. For Hoosh, this is just another night, as he opens the track singing:

"Highs are on and off
Eyes don’t hide a thing
Why’s it I feel numb
I can’t feel a thing"

The Sudan native has captured the ears of thousands with his unique style of experimental Hip-Hop mixed with R&B, and “Nights” is no different. In this track, Hoosh delivers heartfelt and vulnerable verses in between a sing-a-long hook that oozes soul. While the song itself exudes an exhausted and wearied state of mind, the video captures the concept perfectly. Tap in.

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