Tapped In: Petticoat

Conner Crosby

24-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer – Petticoat burst onto the scene last September with “The Middle,” a sort of Internet-era Electro Pop tribute to more classically 80s sounds. Demonstrating an eye to match his ear for timeless yet futuristic aesthetics, Petticoat recently released the music video for the single.

The video features the candy colors, haze, grain, and a classic aspect ratio, which all perfectly effectuate Petticoat’s vibrantly nostalgic sensibilities in visual form, all while he charismatically dances his way through his performance. Genre-bending has become quite common in popular music today, but what is much less common is music that deliberately and meaningfully explores along the temporal axis within a given genre. While Daft Punk and The Weeknd certainly have made legendary efforts, we think there’s something special about Petticoat’s approach, and we’re excited to hear and see more from him.

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