Tapped In: Hans Williams

Conner Crosby

Amongst the most fascinating artists are those who are able to capture the emotional range of full-sized projects within just a singular track. One such artist is Vermont’s Hans Williams.

At just 19-years-old, Hans has been releasing music since 2018, and while he may lack breadth in terms of the number of tracks under his belt, he is more than accomplished when it comes to the breadth and depth of feelings his meticulously crafted singles encapsulate. His latest single, “Body On My Shoulders,” came out in August. In it, Hans reflected on the impact of loss and trauma on his identity and outlook on life, pondering the weight of a specific tragedy and the effect it may have on his emotions in the future. His struggles and sorrow translated through the raw power of his vocals into one of the most bone-chillingly beautiful and simultaneously catchy tracks we’ve heard in a long time.

Today, Hans dropped the music video for the single. The video depicts the isolating effect tragedy can have, showing Hans performing in a seemingly empty venue and riding alone on an empty bus. More playful imagery, including scenes of Hans riding around in the bed of a truck, highlighting the desire to cling onto memories of simpler times. During the powerful bridge, where Hans most directly confronts the tragedy, the imagery shifts to brighter scenery set at a beach, suggesting that through processing this experience there is room for optimism and positivity.At long last, the video is out, and it is mesmerizing. Swipe for a preview and go check it out on YouTube.

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