Tapped In: Audrey Mika

Conner Crosby

Over the past few years, Oakland’s Audrey Mika has grown to become one of the most popular and exciting artists to hail from California’s Bay Area, a known, very competitive wellspring of talent. 2020 in particular has been an enormous year for her, with big singles, several notable collaborations, and her debut EP with RCA. Having cultivated much of her early following from her YouTube content, Audrey has always had an exceptional screen presence, and many of her biggest moves in the music industry have paralleled releases of incredible music videos. To call her latest single, “Red Gatorade,” and its accompanying video “incredible,” however, might actually be an understatement.⁣⁣
Audrey has always carved out a very particular sound, with acutely mature and layered vocal performances and fun, colorful lo-fi production. The sound of “Red Gatorade” represents a slight departure in the latter aspect, with a foray into higher-fidelity elements of trap and pop-proper. The lyrics, on the other hand, further demonstrate Audrey’s songwriting chops as she vividly details the feelings surrounding a situation where a person of interest is a little too transparent about the other people and things on their mind.⁣⁣
The video does what Audrey Mika videos do best, making her look exceptionally cool, amidst a clever array of colors that perfectly reflect her vibrant music. @jaeje and the rest of the folks over at @weirdlife now have another fantastic video under their belt, with their cinematography and command over color beginning to remind us of legendary cinematographer @benoitdebie.

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