Tapped In: Jewel Chang

Ian Tsang

Jewel Chang is the latest teenager to make waves in the music business - just recently dropping the visuals for her debut single "Shame on You" (which saw its original release last October.) Still 13 years old and at the literal beginning of her career, Chang is a testament to the talent today’s youth have that dominates the generation before.

“Shame on You” shows Chang’s knowledge beyond her years - exhibiting her ability to understand relationship struggles, adolescent hardships, and preventative measures we can all relate to.

“Cause I know how to learn from my mistakes from the beginning,

Gotta know your limits,

So we decide what they won't do."

If I let you do me dirty twice,

The blame is probably mine,

So I'mma leave the shame on you.”

Although she’s yet to release a follow-up single, Jewel has shown no shortage in covering other artists’ songs - putting her well rounded musical ability on display and showing her artistry is capable of transcending the barriers of genre. If "Shame on You" is any indication for her future, Jewel certainly has her life ahead of her. This track only scrapes the surface of her songwriting talent: give her five years and she’ll definitely be climbing music charts – which begs the question as to why she hasn’t been discovered yet? Dropping stunning visuals (after a brief hiatus) is just Chang’s way of showing that she’s hungry as ever, ready to tackle the industry leaders one track at a time. Regardless, she remains an undiscovered gem – any music aficionado should take note of what could be an illustrious career for the ever-so-talented Jewel Chang.

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