Tapped In: SG ALI

Audrey Brandes

22 year old Chicago rapper SG ALI is back in 2021 with her new song and video, “Drank On The Block,” an irresistibly rhythmic, feel-good track that relays her come-up and past struggles. ALI draws from her experience of growing up in the projects of Chicago, relying on music as an outlet and divesting time into her passion. Well, all those years paid off.

SG ALI’s cadence is unmatched – smooth and relaxed laid over fast-paced trap beats, delivering lyrics that are simultaneously heartfelt and braggadocios. And her confidence is infectious. Along with the single, ALI dropped a video for the anthem opening with vintage photos of her hometown and displaying clips of her surrounded by friends. It’s authentic, almost familiar, and depicts ALI’s effortless swagger.

SG ALI’s “Drank On The Block” showcases her raw talent and celebrates her success. Listening to it, you feel like you’re right there with her. Matching the vibes of Mustard and Roddy Rich’s “Ballin,” this single is uplifting, contagiously self-assured, and a massive F you to the haters. She implores everyone who doubted her skill to eat their words, and rightfully so. ALI simultaneously remains humble, remembering to “take it one day at time, instead of waiting on my time I make it mine.” I think it’s her time. Watch SG ALI’s video for “Drank On The Block” now.

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