Tapped In: Azizi Gibson

Ian Tsang

Germany born and Asia raised, Azizi Gibson’s unique rap style is the lyrical, melodic genius the world needs right now. Some musicians just don’t miss with their songs – Gibson radiates that idea and is the latest on the come up, releasing his newest single “Mentally Here” to bless the ears of the underground rap community. What makes Gibson a true gem is his low-bass tone which shatters the spectrum of traditional hip-hop pitch. However, his versatile skill set allows the 30-year old poet to navigate mid-to-high range frequencies nonetheless.

“I’m neither here, nor there,

Mentally I’m here,

Mentally, I’m here.”

Taking a 50/50 role of singer and rapper, Gibson’s “Mentally Here” visuals portray the modern routine of a starving artist amidst pandemic times. Lyrically, the track is a walk-through of the disconnect between monotonous “method-man” type business and mentally being distant from the “locked-in” mindset and muse. Gibson’s lyrical genius encapsulates many artists’ common struggles – proving untrue the belief that more socially-distant time leads to creative returns.

What gives Gibson undeniable potential is his ever-hungry drive to be rap’s next best thing and his flawless musical ability which only gets better with each release. Gibson is undoubtedly a top-three underdog, top one in my books – there is absolutely no limit to his beat-emphasized rap prowess and the heights it will take him to. Tap in below.

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