Tapped In: Benny Mayne

Perry Avgerinos

Benny Mayne is one of the few artists that I can fairly say, that I run through their entire catalog without skipping a song. After having his SKELETONS EP on repeat since it dropped last year, I've been waiting for some new Benny – and pleased is an understatement when I heard his new single "Hardest." Introduced to a slightly brighter, yet still edgy Benny Mayne, "Hardest," begins with an acoustic guitar, in comparison to the grittier electric guitar sound on his EP. While maintaining the hard knocking trap drumbeat, Benny rides the pockets effortlessly, owning the chorus with his vocal melody flare. Benny sings,

"Think by now they all know I go the hardest,

They threw shit now I'm their favorite artist,

Guess the brightest days go right after the darkest, yea the darkest."

Throughout the music video, Benny is visualized perfectly on brand, accenting his blue tone in the final coloring, with flashes of his fish eye lens aesthetic. Appearing in blue jackets, denim covered rooms, and virtually surrounded by everything else blue – we get a solid viewing into Benny's personality. He switches up his flow in the second verse, accenting it with harmonized "oohs" and "aahs" that lock this track in as my new favorite from him.

The video accurately demonstrates Benny's flex track mentality, with 360 degree warped transitions, cars, beautiful LA sunsets – and one lucky model. If there's one thing that's for sure, Benny isn't playing around in 2021, coming off a momentous 2020, inking a co-write for Blackbear and G-Eazy, and "I think by now they know I go the hardest," is a statement with truth to it. It's only a matter of time until Benny breaks into the mainstream conscious, and we'll be covering his journey along the way. Watch Benny do what he does best below.

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