Conner Crosby

THE BLOSSOM, based in LA, has showered 2020 with unparalleled singles, the latest of which being the extraordinarily diverse track “Still With U.”⁣⁣
Their moniker reflects their status as an artist whose career is in the process of blossoming into something incredibly exciting and significant, as well as alluding to the painstaking artistry involved in their singing, songwriting, and production. This sophisticated creativity is showcased more than ever on “Still With U.” The Blossom starts out with airy, auto-tuned vocals and an acoustic guitar instrumental very much in line with a sort of Post Malone sound, and they manage to progress through trap, pitch-shifted cloud rap, and upbeat pop-rock vibes on the same song whilst still maintaining coherence. If you think that’s impressive, just wait until you experience this song in tandem with its music video, which illustrates the full range of sounds and emotions of the corresponding music, all through an energetic yet fairly minimal and personal cinematic approach.⁣

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