Tapped In: Tobey Lynn

Conner Crosby

Tobey Lynn first burst onto the scene in 2018 with her debut single “BOY,” following that up with her 2019 single “SUNFLOWER GIRL,” which was later featured on her party of one EP. With only a few tracks under her belt, Tobey has carved out a unique brand of summery bedroom pop, and she’s back now after a year and some change to further establish sonic and aesthetic consistency.

In her new single “Plot Twist," Tobey floats effortlessly over the minimalist production, providing a down-to earth yet effervescent and beautiful delivery of incredibly relatable lyrics. The song and it’s themes of frustration with the monotony of one’s social and romantic life are accentuated perfectly by the accompanying music video. Not only does the video extend the “party of one” birthday cake motif, but it also cleverly incorporates absurd imagery whilst still being lighthearted and cute. This is what Tobey’s music is in a nutshell, somehow balancing pleasant vibes with genuine expression and commentary. We look forward to hearing and seeing more from her soon.

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