Teni Releases Celebratory Afropop Album 'TEARS OF THE SUN' [Album Review]

Milly Wensley
Credit: freddimadeit

If you don’t know Teni just from hearing her name you’ll probably know who I’m talking about with some context. The afro-pop singer was recently featured on Stormzy’s latest album “This Is What We Mean,” has worked with artists like Wizkid and Davido, and debuted on COLORS this year with the single “TROUBLE.” If that wasn’t enough to hook you then I may have to question your taste. Teni is creating beautiful artistic Afrobeat tracks that cross paths with the likes of pop, jazz, and funk. As we close out the year she’s just released her album TEARS OF THE SUN which we’ll explore further now.

The album starts strong with “YBGFA” (Young Black Girl From Africa), here Teni immediately introduces herself, setting the tone for storytelling to come. One of the next tracks “Capricorn & Taurus” showcases Teni’s unique vocals as she lends her voice to different styles from chorus to verses, from higher pitched hyper-feminine tone to a softer yet commanding vibe. In the track “Jalingo” the more funk-inspired vibe is evident in the synthy glitzy elements that lie in tandem with the steady afrobeat-inspired production. “Lanke” brings us a celebratory anthem with lyrics that we should all be singing along to “I feel good, I feel nice”.  

Through the second half of the tape, we hear some collaboration on tracks “Ino,” “Devil Dance,”  and “Mercred.”. “Ino” features afrobeat legacy Made Kuti allowing for an upbeat effortless combination. One of my personal favourites “Devil Dance” features ODUMODUBLVCK and has a very experimental nature to it. We have a slightly more hip-hop influence with his added verse yet the production still feels light, smooth, and sultry. “Mercredi” features Tayc for a classic male-female vocal duo exploring themes of relationships and love.

The overall energy of this tape is incredibly positive, bringing a bit of summer to the darkening winter days. The production is undoubtedly danceable and many of the narratives are uplifting and celebratory. Teni has brought together 16 beautiful tracks for a smooth listen from start to finish. Driving deeper into telling us who she is, her story and experiences are evident throughout. If you’re looking to bring a bit of sunshine to your listening stream TEARS OF THE SUN for a good vibe.

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