Tiara Thomas Releases Commanding New Single, “Don’t Talk Back”

Sundhya Alter

The art of seduction rests on the divine nature of femininity, the woman's ability to both capitalize and disrupt the patriarchal status by countering the dominance of the male gender. In an empowering role reversal the woman distracts the male subconscious bringing him under her control, a move Tiara Thomas is familiar with. In her new single, “Don’t Talk Back,” the artist examines a side of femininity we often don’t hear, undergirded by experimental jazz sounds, releasing the single as a nod to much needed differentiation within the R&B genre.

It's a rare occasion to hear a song about a woman telling a man what to do, and even rarer to hear her be successful in her declarations. While the music industry is filled with male artists ordering around women in sexual ways, Thomas’s new single confidently expresses female sexual liberties in a refreshing reset both in sound and lyrical ingenuity.

The track begins with a jazz intro that incorporates the low pitch of a standing bass, leading into a jagged percussion that together creates a syncopated rhythm both spontaneous and meticulously up tempo. The intro anchors the song in an two minute track that avoids the often formulaic nature of R&B tracks, using the low hum of the bass to guide her vocals in a rushed but assured manner, Thomas says “I know you’re used to being in control but imma talk off all your clothes, don’t talk back… you just need to do what your told.” It's the opposite of feminite naiveness, but rather fierce, dominant and empowering for all women.

Tiara Thomas does something different with every one of her singles, whether its spurts of ad libs or incorporating reggae inspired hues, she continues to push the boundaries of the genre making her one of the most exciting artists on the rise.

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