TikTok Announces Its Newest Music Discovery Program “Elevate”

Sundhya Alter

If there's one thing that’s obvious amidst music discovery platforms, it's that TikTok has become a quick power player in the music industry through streaming and viral plays for fame. Only recently has its support for emerging artists transformed into a formal bid for its new program set to identify and uplift new talent, a platform that undoubtedly tests out the apps budding music industry skills. “Elevate” is its newest music discovery tool, where new rising talent is selected and provided with the resources to build their careers beyond trending sounds and snippets.

 Elevate’s cohort of musicians will have access to new app features, enhanced content visibility and the ability to use the apps handles to amplify their own platforms. With the goal of building up fresh talent the app stakes itself in the evolution of ‌artists careers, providing them resources both in and out of the app while engaging with fans app on a global scale. The first class of Elevate includes artists Chinchilla, Sam Barber, Omar Courtz, Isabel La Rosa, Kaliii, and La Kula. While details concerning the campaign remain vague, even after its launch on July 18th, its promotion of fresh talent operates on the notion that the app is on the way to asserting itself as a flourishing player in the industry.

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