Freddie's Finds, Volume 48: Best New Music of The Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome back to Freddie’s Finds Volume 48, featuring Nolan Barba, Jackson August, and Ovrkast..

birdhouse by Nolan Barba

It was just two weeks ago when I covered Nolan Barba’s second and final single, “80proof” ahead of his debut EP, birdhouse, and to say I have not turned it off repeat is not an exaggeration. With undeniably strong indie rock/pop roots and a captivating voice, I held much excitement for the full EP.

Three new tracks and 12 minutes and 37 seconds later, birdhouse lived up to every expectation and some. Speaking on the project, Nolan shared, “birdhouse is a place away from everything. The product of 6 months spent focused on growth. A crash course on missing home. “Through truly believing the only way to make progress was waiting until I was perfect, I learned I love moving forward too much. One cannot learn to fly without first jumping, and you helped show me that. Thank you for being here, and thank you for listening. Now, come rest your wings for a while.” Nolan is one of my favorite young artists in the game right now – you would be silly not to have him on your radar right now.

LOOK MOM I’M SINGING by Jackson August

This past week, I had the pleasure of attending Jackson August’s release party for his debut EP, LOOK MOM IM SINGING. Although it was just his second ever show, Jackson displayed every aspect of an aspiring star – the exact same feeling when listening to the EP.

Tacking on two new songs to the electrifying, rock heavy “HOW DOES IT FEEL?” and his debut, experimental glitchy-rock track “7ELEVEN,” Jackson delivered a diverse collection of songs, each as good as the last. However, it was “LONG DISTANCE” that I kept coming back to, a beautiful ode to a relationship separated by thousands of miles. Entirely self produced and with additional vocals from Lauren Juzang, Jackson creates a melancholic, folk influenced alternative to the high energy of the first two tracks. With the EP amounting to just his first four ever tracks released, who knows what Jackson August will do next.

“SHUTUP!” by Ovrkast.

Ovrkast. have been a name I have been following for some time, so it was only right that their latest release landed in this week's Freddie’s Finds. Although short, “SHUTUP!” sees Ovrkast. shine as a producer, per usual, speeding up the piano led track for the final 30 seconds. Ovrkast.’s chopped release perfectly draws the line of feeling raw yet blending well with the beat, while the repetition of “Shut up!” as a hook pairs with the boastful nature of his verse. Ovrkast. seemingly never stops growing and expanding, so expect more soon from the ever-rising artist.

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