Tobias Dray Lets It All Out With His Single, “Fuk It”

Olive Soki

After finally completing his sold-out North American and European tour, Tobias Dray is back with an electrifying, headbanging-worthy track titled “FUK IT.” Another of many testaments to his chameleon nature and creativity, he integrates the heart-thumping qualities found in his two previous tracks, “HMU” and “Espada Primo,” as he fully embodies his punk-ish alter ego.

Leaving behind social etiquettes and constraints, Tobias lets it rip as he finds freedom within madness and slight chaos. Much like his last single, “Bottle of Bombay,” “FUK IT” is conceptually completed by its accompanying music video. Centered around an unhappy corporate 9-5 worker (played by Tobias), we slowly see him let go of all the pressure, stick it to the man, and find a sense of freedom. Starting with a text from his boss, and an ominous guitar riff, the intro to the single is as effective as the Jaws theme song. Immediately catching your attention, Tobias draws you into the waters with him. And before you know it, you’ll find yourself reciting the cathartic refrain, eventually finding freedom of your own — or succumbing to madness.

Attempting to predict exactly what Tobias will produce, and which genre he’ll embody next, feels utterly pointless. His ability to shift in and out of traditionally rigid molds makes for an interesting artist to follow. While his sound may be eclectic and unforeseeable, one thing is for sure you; can always count on him to deliver a killer track.

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