Tommy Richman's Come Up

Riley Furey
Josh Belvedere

Who is Tommy Richman? The 24 year old Virginia born artist may be topping the charts with hits like "MILLION DOLLAR BABY" in 2024, but the momentum that got him there has been bubbling for nearly 8 years since his first release in 2016. His music hasn’t always lied in the genre we hear today either, with some of his past work treading into punk rock territory – which is clearly something Richman still resonates with considering his Spotify bio at the time of writing is, “EVERYTHING IS PUNK !”.

Tommy would later go on to drop out of college, and after releasing a steady stream of singles both on his own and with people like mynameisntjmack (including tracks like "BUNKER/PREROLL"), he slowly built his core fanbase. Eventually he caught Brent Faiyaz's attention, leading to him getting signed to Brent’s independent label ISO Supremacy (in partnership with Pulse Records), featuring on Brent's album, and opening up his tour.

A few releases later, he accomplished a once in a generation kind of success with "MILLION DOLLAR BABY" – racking up 500+ million streams, and catapulting over nearly every one of your favorite artists for a #2 spot on the Billboard Charts.

Even with his track record of consistent releases for years, some may still say that he was a one hit wonder. But when you listen to "DEVIL IS A LIE," and consider its additional success of reaching #35 on the Billboard Hot 100, you'll realize just how wrong you are. It’s not often that we are met with this kind of swagger and success all bundled into one person, so my piece of advice to you is to enjoy these early 2000’s visuals that Richman is flooding our feeds with, and to enjoy the ride.

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