Tommy Richman Hits The Mainstream with "Million Dollar Baby"

Vincent Merry

Just a couple of weeks ago, on April 13th, Virginia-native Tommy Richman teased the first version of "Million Dollar Baby," which immediately garnered millions of viewers on TikTok. Although many fans initially accused him of being an industry plant (a common occurrence for new artists in today's music landscape), a little research reveals that Richman has been honing his craft for years. Since then, the hype surrounding the release of "Million Dollar Baby" has only intensified, bringing Tommy Richman and his unique sound to the attention of many.

Describing "Million Dollar Baby" isn't straightforward. It combines tight hi-hats from Southern trap with synths, kicks, and 808s that deliver the punch of a funk psychedelic sound. Tommy delivers a phenomenal vocal performance over this diverse instrumental palette, showcasing melodies and harmonies reminiscent of 70s funk groups or contemporaries like Steve Lacy, Teezo Touchdown, and collaborator Brent Faiyaz (Richman featured on the 2023 track ‘Upset’).

Richman's release team executed the song's release flawlessly. While generating significant buzz with snippets, viewers were concerned that the final master of the song would lose its distorted 808s and raw feel. Consequently, the song's release comprised two versions: ‘Million Dollar Baby’ and ‘Million Dollar Baby (VHS),’ the latter retaining the raw sound that fans craved.

As we eagerly anticipate more from Tommy Richman, it's evident that he's not only a talented musician but also a groundbreaking artist pushing boundaries and exploring new territories. As fans and admirers, we eagerly await his next musical journey and are excited to witness his continued evolution as an artist. Tommy Richman undoubtedly has a bright and promising future ahead, and we're thrilled to be along for the ride.

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