Trayce Chapman Showcases His Edgy Rapping on “The Winds”

Ian Tsang

Denver’s very own, Trayce Chapman, blends underground rap with ominously captivating themes in his latest single, "The Winds." The track incorporates his signature edgy uptempo rapping and bar-after-bar of lyrical talent. “I’ve been treading waters, no boat, Show you how to cope with no hope.” The Winds, in layman’s terms, is one part hypnotic, one part addictive. Starting with an all-too-familiar eerie intro, Chapman quickly queues in his catchy flow which never fails to draw listeners in. Chapman has a knack for perfectly balanced lyrical and sing-songy rap: it’s what garnered the success behind his most successful track, "The Flux," off his 2018 album, Exotic Birds.

But in the last three-year span, Chapman worked to hone his craft – releasing his 2021 debut, "NASA," which ultimately became a hit among fans. Trayce Chapman is an artist at his core – an underground talent who mesmerizes listeners from each track’s start to finish. Looking ahead, Chapman has already teased his upcoming album, Contraband 3, which does not yet have a release date.

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