Willow Kayne Releases New Electro-Pop Single, “cola head”

Sundhya Alter
Credit: Jake Bridgland

Since 2021, Willow Kayne has released a consecutive stream of projects and singles each one playing with an audaciously unique range of sound. From old school punk to rapping to melodic riffs, her creative muses are hard to synthesize. An anomaly herself, Kayne has continues to deliver spontaneously disparate tracks with her new release “cola head,” an early 2000s themed anthem that finds the silver lining in the toxicity of fleeting romantic attachments. Between cheeky metaphors embedded on top of cool-toned vocals, the track showcases Kayne's unapologetically led approach to both music and reality. 

Inspired by the sounds of early Neptunes, Kayne layers heavy techno synths with the bounce of modulated bass snares, merging pop and electronic into a futuristic funk sound that loops repeatedly under her raspy vocals. Simulating the entrancing allure of escapism and psychedelics, the Bristol native bluntly relays the consequences of wearing rose-colored glass to a party, as she sings “Pretty party boy, he like my accent and my vibe. I’m not the smartest girl, but something here’s not right.” 

Throughout the song, she confronts her own attachments via melodic vignettes and floating harmonies as unbothered as she is, alluding to an infectious confidence that she maintains throughout the entire experience. By the end of the song she is less interested in physical validation than she is in peace of mind. It's not an emotional reaction to his actions but an attempt to peel away the shady facade of his manipulative doings. Yet, not to mistake addiction with infatuation, one is curable and the other isn’t, while he might be a lost cause trapped in the loop of toxic attachments and vices, she is most certainly moving on and isn’t sad about it. 

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