Hong Kong Boyfriend Returns with the New Single “Sharlene”

Tyler Borland

“Cold Waters” by Hong Kong Boyfriend was easily one of the most exciting debut releases from last year. The smooth and catchy ballad quickly became a go to and raised anticipation over where the newcomer would go next. Hong Kong Boyfriend’s second release “Tiramisu” only increased excitement around the artist. The track deviates slightly from the style of “Cold Water” and shows the artist singing over an ethereal, moody instrumental.

After a brief hiatus, Hong Kong Boyfriend is finally back with the alternative hip-hop-leaning “Sharlene.” The track is incredibly different than his previous two singles, but still maintains the high quality that fans have come to expect from him. Hong Kong Boyfriend switches effortlessly from sung refrains to rapped verses all over an upbeat and bouncy instrumental. The line “I got you I got you” sticks in your head long after your first listen.

The song was also released alongside a music video that embodies the summery tone of the track. Hong Kong Boyfriend is set to become a superstar and “Sharlene” is only the beginning.

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