Brendan Bennett’s “DREAMS DIE” is a Vibrant Vocal and Songwriting Display

Tyler Borland

The music industry seemed to stop momentarily when the South Florida pop scene began to gain momentum. Artists such as ALX, ripmattblack, and of course, Dominic Fike, merged elements of hip hop, alternative, and pop to make summery, upbeat music with a DIY aesthetic that was unlike any contemporary artists. Connected to that scene is songwriter and vocalist, Brendan Bennett. Similar to other artists in that scene, Brendan Bennett combines a wide variety of influences, but it’s his unique perspective and songwriting ability that set him apart.

His recent single “SAME DAMN SONG” is a perfect example of what makes the artist so exciting. The bright and vibrant vocal performance and instrumental contrasts with the darker, melancholic lyrics of the track. Brendan Bennett is back with an 80’s synth pop homage titled “DREAMS DIE.” Once again, the track is a vibrant instrumental and an infectious hook, but the lyrics are far more self-reflective as he discusses the struggles facing independent artists.“DREAMS DIE” is the introductory track to his upcoming project titled, Did I Dream This Life of Mine. So far in 2021, Brendan Bennett is 2 for 2 and it’s likely that his full-length release will maintain the high quality that fans have come to expect.

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