Matt Barri and Dryboogers Combine Emo with EDM in “Payback”

Nate Rummel

When I first heard Matt Barri and Dryboogers’ latest collab, “Payback,” I threw it on repeat until my headphones died. It’s a hyperpop track that feels more ‘hyper’ than ‘pop,’ and by the end of the final hook, I was ready to punch through a wall. Emotional lyrics and passionate vocal delivery make this the perfect song for the next time you’re angry, hurt, or really just experiencing any negative emotion.

The single is one of several Matt Barri has released this summer as he gears up for an EP rollout in the coming months. After originally branding himself as a producer and DJ, Barri has shifted his focus to creating a sound of his own, and has stopped telling people he makes EDM altogether. Inspired by everything from Porter Robinson to the early 2010’s alternative scene, his music doesn’t fit into any one box. He’s now producing and singing on his tracks, and his vocals are paving the way for this new sound.

“Payback” came together when Alabama-native Nate Jacobsen, or Dryboogers, reached out to Barri with an early demo of the song. The two collaborated to reproduce the instrumental and refine the writing, and the song was finished almost overnight. The new track is filled with both captivating vocals and powerful production. Dryboogers sings the verses in a calmer tone and belts out a hook that’ll be stuck in your head for days.

Production-wise, it’s a classic hyperpop song with a focus on EDM elements. Overstimulation, random noises, and unusual effects gave it a good chaotic energy, which is in line with both artists’ brands. Despite all the commotion, no one sound felt too overwhelming, and Dryboogers’ vocals came through clearly, thanks to a pristine mix by John Buser.

Be on the lookout for more music from these two as they continue to collaborate, and keep an eye on Matt Barri as he begins his EP rollout. In the meantime, stream their latest hit, “Payback”, below.

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