Wallie the Sensei Works Towards a Brighter Future on ‘GOLDEN CHILD’ [Album Review]

Tyler Borland

Compton’s Wallie the Sensei turns his past struggles into emotive hip hop ballads. He broke through in 2020 with the hard-hitting melodic track “Scandalous.” If you’re unfamiliar with Wallie the Sensei, “Scandalous” is the perfect introduction. The track’s hook is highly catchy, and Wallie the Sensei’s vocal performance is unparalleled.

Following the success of “Scandalous,” Wallie the Sensei began gearing up for his debut album GOLDEN CHILD. Singles such as “03 Flow” and personal favorite “Lamb” showcase his incredible storytelling and versatility. These singles are now contextualized within the 17-song project. GOLDEN CHILD is airtight. The project flows seamlessly from track to track as Wallie the Sensei depicts his life in Compton as he works towards better days. Tracks such as “Fallin Apart” and “Konfessions” are Wallie the Sensei hitting his creative stride.

GOLDEN CHILD is an impressive debut from the Compton storyteller. The project feels like the beginning of a long career for the multi-talented emcee. Check out the GOLDEN CHILD by Wallie the Sensei below.

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