Who is Alex Banin?

Rachael Jansky

The overwhelming nature of change is so strong that many people are completely avoidant to it. In her latest single “Hawthorne,” Alex Banin comes to the slow, painful realization that she needs to leave the relationship she’s in.

“Hawthorne” is a delicate and beautiful track. Opening with a haunting, whispery vocal harmony as the production builds, listeners are roped in before Banin’s unique and raspy voice breaks through. Equally as stunning as the song’s infectious melody and clean production is the video. Incorporating Banin’s background in fencing, the video provides a visual representation of the internal conflict between deciding to stay in a relationship because it’s comfortable or leave because something better is out there.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Amy Winehouse, Frank Ocean and Lauren Hill, Banin’s music seamlessly incorporates traditional R&B and pop elements. She demonstrates the vocal control and prowess of an artist much more her senior. With just four singles released, it’s impossible to guess the transformative music Banin still has to share with the world.

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