Who is Ashley Mehta?

Perry Avgerinos

There really is no shortage of talent originating from the Bay area. I don't know if it's in the water under the Golden Gate bridge or what, but Ashley Mehta is the latest R&B singer/songwriter to impress me, doing so with her latest single, "FEELS LIKE THAT."

From Indian and Filipina roots, Mehta effortlessly fuses the melodic earworms of R&B songwriting, with the knocking "yay area" 808 bounce sound. Produced by Rommii, Ashley Mehta shows her diversity, complementing the elegant piano chords the track begins with, with her silky vocal tone, only to drop flows all over the punchy 808 bridge/chorus.

It's this diversity within her singing and melodic rapping that makes Mehta such a threat to the R&B/pop scene. There's elements in "FEELS LIKE THAT" that appeal to pop, R&B, hip-hop, and even electronic music fans, let alone the relatability of the song's lyrics in general. Full on savage summer energy in this one, but let Ashley show you the way with a listen below.

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