Who is BADGER?

Perry Avgerinos

Colliding the DMV and Chicago hip hop cultures, BADGER utilizes his experiences to create a RnB and Hip-Hop infused sound that is uniquely his.

Bouncy, wavy, and hard – are the first three words that come to mind within the first 18 seconds of listening to BADGER's latest single "Sincerely, BADGER." Starting off with a soulful sample and smooth keys instrumentation, BADGER quickly flips the vibe 180 degrees into a hard hitting 808 drumbeat, to where he sings his delicately intricate rap cadences. With the combo of his more RnB melodic singing, and his tastefully auto-tuned rap verses, BADGER is as diverse as his origins.

BADGER's flow rides the rhythm of the beat, showing various cadences, reminding me slightly more of the Chicago scene, as he's seen in the music video fitted in a Navy Madhappy hoodie. With bars like,

"I'm like Mike with the fadeaway,

Put a BADGER inside of the game and he'll save the day,"

BADGER shows his confident personality with an east coast flare. I'm fairly new to BADGER,  but I have a feeling I'll be sticking around for a while. Listen below.

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