Who is Maxx Owa?

Tyler Borland

Southern California native, Maxx Owa, has been building his own brand of R&B that takes influence from alternative, pop, and hip hop and repurposes these sounds in his own style. This stunning blend of influences all come together on Owa’s 2020 debut album XXO.

Tracks such as “Realize” are psychedelic and cinematic explorations into Owa’s psyche. To tide fans over until another release, Maxx Owa dropped the Crescendo EP. "We ended up selecting four records that were never gonna see the light of day and used Valentine's Day as a good excuse to put them out from the archives" Owa explains." "Crescendo doesn't really have ties to the EP that releases after this one" he continues, "it's more like a side mission in your role-playing video games."  Despite being positioned as an EP filled with archived material, Crescendo is proof that Maxx Owa is one of the most consistent and inventive newcomers in the space. Owa’s b-sides outrank many of the album cuts of his contemporaries. Make sure to check out XXO and Crescendo and expect new music soon.

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