Who is Blest Jones?

Perry Avgerinos

Brooklyn, New York is a well-known hub for producing talent that is both hardworking, being just close enough to Wall Street's madness, yet sequestered enough to be creatively independent. Making moves on the ground, and 3 stories above it on Clavin Klein billboards, is singer/songwriter/producer Blest Jones.

In preparation for his debut album, Blest released his latest single "Nike" over the weekend, co-produced by Brooklyn native, Musa. The two have a long history of working together: Musa being responsible for most of Blest's production over the past couple years, while simultaneously growing his own dance project. In "Nike," the two team up for one their most polished works to date, a gospel pop anthem, filled with swing, and swift strides into the hearts of music lovers. Blest explores the timid feeling of a new experience, relating it to Nike's running reputation, facing his fight or flight instincts, but deciding to "just do it" as Nike's slogan goes.

"Wouldn’t be in these positions,

New experience free of admission,

I guess Nike got their slogan right,

Just do it,

As long as you're a good human."

Over wonky staccato organ chords, crisp percussion, and a gliding bassline, Blest's vocal runs croon listeners, connecting on a deeper, vulnerable level. It's hard to not want to nod your head along, and snap your fingers to the beat, as Blest's songwriting and climbing melodies take the forefront of the infectious tune. Showing yet another style Blest can own, his sound is as diverse as his home, having previously shown elements of RnB, electronic, and Pop in his music. Whatever sound Blest takes on next, I'm sure it will be catchy. Listen to "Nike" below.

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