Who is Ombachi?

Tyler Borland

Oklahoma rap collective, O2worldwide, has been building momentum with their recent album BACK ON TRACK. Standout rapper, producer, and songwriter, Ombachi, is one of the first from the group to focus on solo material. This comes in the form of his newest single “BREEZE."

The multi-talented artist proves he belongs in the spotlight on “BREEZE.” The single sounds stylistically similar to tracks from BACK ON TRACK but is instead far more personal and introspective to Ombachi. The track also features additional vocals from fellow Oklahoma native, Chloe Hart. The two have perfect chemistry and Hart’s vocal adds to the ethereal and dreamlike ambiance of the track. The instrumental is stripped back and psychedelic, which gives both artists space to carry the track from their vocal and songwriting strengths.

“BREEZE” is the last single for Ombachi’s upcoming debut EP titled ESCAPISM. “BREEZE” sounds exactly as it’s titled – a laid-back, warm, and nostalgic self-reflection. Check out Ombachi’s previous singles and be on the lookout for his debut project set to come out in mid-April.

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