Who is Dryboy?

Kieran Kohorst

Putting an artist in a box has always been a treacherous task, but it's never felt as foolish as it does now in today’s music scene. From wicked left turns to non-conformative genre paths, artists have never felt as diverse and chameleonic as our current creators. Truly of this generation, Chicago-raised and LA-based Dryboy comes in all forms on his most recent project, Alone and Alive. His debut EP is an accurate reflection of the foundation he’s built for himself to this point, incorporating elements of rock, pop-punk, and alternative hip-hop to shape his sound. Across 7 tracks, these genres show up in varying proportions that manage to capture Dryboy’s astonishing range in short order. 

Alone and Alive serves as both a sound introduction to Dryboy and a project of growth, with strides in both writing and production outlining a more clear direction for him moving forward. While “How 2 Love Again” may be Dryboy at his most sincere vocally, he is perhaps most vulnerable on “Miles In The Air.” The stark difference in the songs’ sonics prove Dryboy’s versatility is a defining characteristic, capturing equally sensitive emotions in different environments without sacrificing authenticity. Singles “Blood On The Floor” and “Highway To Pain” are raw expressions of anger, self-blame, and loss of control, with similar motifs bleeding through the tracks to come. “I think when going through a moment of loneliness and reflection, it’s easy to mistake it for weakness,” Dryboy explains in the project’s press release. “It can amplify the emotions that brought us into that state in the first place…you get lost on that road, but loneliness isn’t a weakness, it’s a strength, and it takes walking through the hell that is being alone and making it to the other side to realize you're a lot stronger than you once were. You’re alive, and maybe more alive than you felt before.”

As Dryboy’s full artistic identity comes into view, he is noticeable as a reflection of this generation’s musicians, meaning his music is resistant to the rigid boundaries of genre and more identifiable with its emotion. Overpowering the guitars on Alone and Alive is Dryboy’s delivery and the narrative he crafts with his lyrics, qualities that will always exceed any trends or shifts in directions. Built to last, Dryboy’s first impression is sure to turn heads.

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