Who Is Claudio Parrone?

Kieran Kohorst

To best get to know someone is to listen to their story, or in Claudio Parrone Jr.’s case, listen to their music. The Kenosha, Wisconsin-born and LA-based musician’s second LP, Still Here, is ripe with his natural Midwestern humility that is examined critically by Hollywood’s bright lights. Tracks like “Meant for Me” and the subsequent “Still Here (Wheels)” cast a shadow of doubt on Parrone’s ambitions, wistfully reflecting on his aspirations with the sober perspective of reality. These aspirations range from his path as a musician to his personal life and relationships, as demonstrated on “Second(s) Time,” where Parrone delivers a monologue fit for a rom-com climax, speaking desperately but with a sense of clarity. 

This moment takes you outside of the music for a moment, only to be ushered back in by perhaps the strongest stretch on the album, highlighted by a classic piano ballad in “Meant To Be.” Throughout the album, Parrone is gentle when he needs to be, vindicated when appropriate, and justified in his musings. To close the album on a crescendo is fitting for Parrone’s story at large - even at his best, he manages to impress beyond expectations, finding new levels to tap in to and new ways to captivate a listener.

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