Who Is Sadye?

Kieran Kohorst

Coping is an art within itself – it takes an incredible amount of balance, self-control, measured expression, and understanding of oneself to successfully manage one’s emotions or circumstances. One genre of coping is to lean into the conflict, though it's not for the weak. There’s few vulnerabilities in Sadye’s music, with the most recent example coming in the form of her new single “Pretty Traumatized.” On the track, Sadye sounds bulletproof, fully embracing both components of the song’s title as part of her own identity. The song’s glimmering production is punctuated by synths and 808’s that give “Pretty Traumatized” its invincible edge.

For those just being introduced to Sadye’s charismatically sarcastic pop adventures, "Pretty Traumatized” is a good place to start. “(This song) is my origin story,” she says in a statement. “(It) is at the root of my escapism approach to music. It's the first record I've written about everything I've been through medically and it helped me establish my superpower of creating these fantasies to save myself. It’s horror masked with humor. It’s the essence of me.

While her intent alone is admirable, Sadye’s motivations behind writing the track are more cause for acclaim. She battled cancer as a child, adding harrowing context to the opening lines of the song that allude to an operation. “Anesthesia dreaming,” she sings as her voice soars, not dwelling for too long on the situation at hand. Sadye’s intense struggles with cancer built up a strength that allowed her to overcome any insecurities or difficulties thrown her way. Her fortitude is unavoidably present in her music, from her writing to her vocal deliveries and production choices. While postured in the dynamic range of pop, Sadye’s music exists in the shadows of the genre, the dark elements of her recordings overcast by the reflective nature of her production. There’s no fear in Sadye’s music, and why would there be? Bold and brave, it's hard to imagine anything getting in Sadye’s way.

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