Who Is Wim Tapley?

Stella Lefty
Garrett Cardoso

As Spotify Wrapped graced our screens yesterday, I found myself unsurprised by the revelation that I rank within the top 2% of Wim Tapley's dedicated listeners. His music, undoubtedly, speaks volumes. I’m a fan, through and through, and trust me, you should be too.

Wim Tapley, the rising star from Athens, Georgia, is poised to set the music world on fire with his latest EP, Persona. His journey from the stages of Washington D.C. to the vibrant scene of Athens forged an artist of unparalleled depth and talent. Having dug his teeth in the crucible of live performance, Wim's voice embodies the soul of a true troubadour. His experiences in iconic venues like Eddie's Attic and the legendary 40 Watt Club solidified his reputation as a true performer, captivating audiences with an effortless blend of raw talent and genuine passion.

Persona, his newest EP, stands as a testament to his exceptional songwriting abilities. Each track showcases Wim's natural skill of weaving compelling narratives through melodies that linger even after the song ends. It's an exploration of raw emotion. Wim Tapley is not just an artist to watch; he's an artist to experience. His innate musicality, combined with his undeniable stage presence, marks him as a force to be reckoned with in the coming year. And if my words aren't convincing enough, just hit play on his music.

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