Tyler Borland

Ethiopia born and London raised KDVSGOLIATH rejects a traditional approach to making music. The artistic chameleon effortlessly jumps from alternative punk to hard-hitting trap while still sounding authentic and distinctly personal. Singles such as "PISTON." and "LET ME GO." convey this emotional duality while also showcasing his impressive technical ability.

KDVSGOLIATH is back with a new single teasing his upcoming project, Bipolar. The single "Sad." is a personal favorite and the perfect place to start for those unfamiliar with the artist. KDVSGOLIATH strikes an incredible balance between emotional vulnerability and a catchy earworm hook. "Sad." shows unmatched versatility as the artist seems to evolve constantly from track to track. The production is a bright alternative instrumental that acts as stark contrast between the somber lyricism throughout the song.

With Bipolar out on July 16th, "Sad." heightens anticipation for the newcomer's debut. It's difficult to predict exactly what the project will sound like, but the one certainty is that it will push boundaries and blur genre.

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