Who is Kody Lavigne?

Tyler Borland

Connecticut native, Kody Lavigne, has been gradually improving from track to track. Singles such as “In the Hills” and “No Room” display his effortless ability to create ear-worm melodies. Taking influence from melodic hip hop artists like Juice WRLD or A Boogie, Kody Lavigne contextualizes this familiar sound for a new audience. This boundary-pushing approach is best exemplified on his most recent single “need melatonin.”

“need melatonin” features a loud and abrasive electronic instrumental while Lavigne’s vocal performance is still reminiscent of contemporary melodic hip hop artists. Kody Lavigne perfectly toes the line between experimentation and commercial appeal. The hard-hitting electronic hip hop instrumental is unlike anything Lavigne has hopped on before, but his vocal performance still manages to compliment the instrumental perfectly. “need melatonin” is a new creative direction for Kody Lavigne – one characterized by risk taking and memorable songwriting. If you’re a fan of artists that blur genre while still making widely digestible music, then check out “need melatonin” by Kody Lavigne and be on the lookout for more new music soon.

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