Who is Onlybino!?

Tyler Borland

Broward County, Florida has been at the forefront of high energy and cutting-edge trap music that embodies a DIY aesthetic. The latest artist to build momentum with this sound is the Jamaican born artist, Onlybino!

Onlybino! has been steadily dropping wildly aggressive trap music this past year, occasionally deviating into melodic R&B. His high output and consistent quality are impressive to say the least. Singles such as “Cutthroat!” and “Danny Phantom” are gritty and hard-hitting, while contrastingly tracks such as “Missing” showcase Onlybino!’s versatility and strength in creating memorable melodies. Onlybino!’s recent single “Long Gone” is the artist’s catchiest yet and shows he has huge potential. His high-pitched cadence and personality on the track are captivating and set him apart from similar artists in this style.

Onlybino!’s fast flows and earworm melodies make it clear that he’s likely to be around for a while and “Long Gone” is just the beginning. Check back for more new music from the Broward County up and comer.

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