Who Is Naia Lika?

Ian Hansen

It appears that Naia Lika is going to be the next successful musician to come out of her family, as her great grandfather sang alongside the likes of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. After her parents introduced her to musical theater as a kid, it was something she stuck with. She would eventually drop out of college to pursue her own path in music and move to Los Angeles.

She started writing music during the pandemic and fast forward nearly three years later and she has released her first track ever, with “Gas Station Bouquet,” and it is full of authentic songwriting which highlights positives in her life, despite a lot of negative energy that swarmed her. It fuses pop, soul, and R&B into a wondrous harmony-filled track. It accompanies an eight song album that has been in the works since August of 2022, and this recent release has me extremely intrigued.

Naia Lika’s career is just kicking off, and if there is any indication of her trajectory based off of this track, it is that she is eternally indebted into her craft, and that always makes for the best musicians.

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