Who is pillow1x?

Riley Furey

The first post on pillow1x’s Instagram page is simply captioned “this year’s gonna change my life.” This is something we all try our best to speak into existence, but I think there is true merit in this case.

I’ve only recently tapped into him, and at first glance the best way to describe his most recent single “distant” is through a combination of dark pop that infuses subtle lofi elements. It’s clear in this song that he is feeling the weight of the outside world and is trying his best to weed out the fake people who come around when success starts to manifest. The energy of the song is even further built out by using a photo from one of the darkest and most captivating shows of our time; Euphoria.

Javi is somewhat of a mystery as far as his background goes, and the only real information you can find about him is the limited amount he shares on his social media. Word on the street is that he will be undergoing a name change soon, and with the fact that we’re only halfway through the year and he has started to see more streaming traction; it’s a safe bet to say that we are witnessing the beginning of his journey.

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