Freddie’s Finds, Volume 46: Best New Music of The Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome back to Freddie’s Finds Volume 46, featuring Nolan Barba, Hadji Gaviota, and Dave x Central Cee.

“80proof” by Nolan Barba

It feels like there are more teenagers taking over music than ever before, and 19-year-old Nashville product Nolan Barba is no different. Returning this week with just his third ever release, “80proof,” the lead single off of his upcoming EP, birdhouse. Continuing to improve his alt-pop and hip-hop blend, the track demonstrates a lot of growth since his last release over six months ago. Intertwining lyricism about unrequited love as he attempts to overcome bad habits with rock influenced self production, Nolan appears ready to enter his next chapter. With birdhouse arriving in less than two weeks, keep an eye out for what Nolan is building.

Split Decision by Dave and Central Cee

I hope people outside of the UK comprehend how big of a deal a Dave and Central Cee collab EP is. Two of the biggest artists in the UK right now, two of the most influential figures in music culture coming together for a project? Monumental. Lead single “Sprinter” kicked things off just three days before the release of Split Decision, yet was only a glimpse of what was to come. Three more tracks riddled with soccer references, braggadocious bars, and top tier lyricism would begins with “Trojan Horse,” as the duo trade off three verses each. The third track, “Our 25th Birthday,” is a reference to the duo being born a day apart – Cench on June 4, and Dave on June 5, the day of the project release. A slow, mellow beat sets the stage for a lyrics-first approach, allowing each artist’s storytelling to shine in a style that Dave has seemingly perfected. Closed out with the lone drill track of the project, “UK rap,” is a message to all those who are not familiar with the UK rap scene – yet simultaneously cements Dave and Centra as the two at the top of the pyramid. I do not envision myself listening to anything else for the next few weeks

“snow globe” by Hadji Gaviota

Here on Freddie’s Finds we love ourselves a new Hadji release, and his latest single is certainty no different. “snow globe” sees Hadji tap Jonah Roy for the production, one of my favorite producers, creating for a fast paced, synth laden banger. In signature Hadji fashion, “snow globe” features a blend of introspective and goofy lyricism, as he sings about feeling uninspired with so much “cold” in the world, yet including lines such as, “Like the hotel AC / How it’s so cold, world is so cold.” An accompanying visualizer, directed and edited by Kahre, features Hadji messing around with a variety of props on a single set as a fan blows onto his back. Hadji never stops moving, so expect more to come from him soon.

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