Who is Wesson?

Ben Wego

WESSON, a British Indie Alt Rock band based in the UK, releases music that reflects on relatable life events and emits a gritty rock undertone.

Most recently, their song “Stay the Same” takes on the perspective of a person who is never fully satisfied and always sees the bad things in life, turning to external validation instead of making fulfilling inward changes inward. 

The song’s sonic execution is inspired by a lot of 60’s bands, including The Kinks and The Beatles. Its acoustic melodies layered with harmonies creates a pleasant ambience. The chorus - “nothing wants to go away today / When I pray for things to change / They go the other way / oh they stay the same,” - is satisfyingly catchy and melodically embracing, imbued in a melancholic irony. 

WESSON’s classic 60’s influence is a pleasurable sound unified with incredible harmonies and raw lyricism.

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