Who Is The Braymores?

Riley Furey

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – when a real music homie sends you a song, you should listen to it. It’s hard to listen to everything sent to me as a writer when my email is showered with press releases, but time and time again, the industry-friend-song-recommendation has paid off.

My good friend Ryan McGee who runs his own music page called Have Ya Heard? sent 'Past Crimes' by The Braymores my way, and it’s like he knew exactly what I needed. Alternative indie/folk music has seen a rise in participants over the past six months, and as soon as I think I’ll get tired of it – I hear another song as quality as this and get proven wrong.

The band itself resides in Chicago, and is made up of members including Matt Tilles (Vocals & Guitar,) Keegan Melaniphy (Vocals/ Lead Guitar,) Russell Oren (Drums,) and Wyatt Prather (Bass.) While the group only has five songs out in the world, it is extremely promising to see such a resounding start to life as a band, and I can assure you this is an ascent we should all be keeping an eye on.

Monthly Listeners: 2,201

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