April Showers Bring May “Flowers” From Stasi

Samantha DeCarlo

Besides actual flowers, April showers have also brought the passionate single "Flowers" by Los Angeles singer/songwriter Stasi. Stasi currently has three songs featured on Spotify and Apple Music as she prepares for her upcoming EP release in the fall of 2023. Out today, "Flowers" is a melancholy expression of longing in unreciprocated love.

This song begins with the line “I’ll give you flowers,” but it rapidly escalates into a powerful reflection on the vulnerability of loving someone who shuts you out. Sharing her deep feelings is commendable and shows that she knows how to connect with her audience. “Flowers” blends the lyricism of singer-songwriter/folk music with the intensity and longing of soul music, taking the listener inside her heartache. Within the bridge, a soaring melody combined with rhythmic accompaniment aids in describing the frustration felt at her core. The song then closes with a mix of bitter and sweet, expressing an acceptance of the situation.  

Despite the song's gloomy nature, it has a subtle glimmer of hope. With her lyrics and melodies, she offers closure and resonance to those who have also had similar emotional experiences. Stasi’s soulful vocals and raw vulnerability will establish her as an emerging star.

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