WizTheMc Will Make You Smile with His Newest Single, “World is Fucked”

When Sheesh gave the spotlight to WizTheMc back in 2020, I instantly became a huge fan of the Toronto-based artist. Songs like “All My Friends Are Stoned” and “For A Minute” were added to all of my playlists, and his EP What About Now remained on repeat. So, naturally, here I am again to plug his newest single: “World is Fucked.”

Similar to the title, this track is edgy. WizTheMc incorporates an electric guitar into the beat, giving the song a punk-rocker, rebellious nature. Still, Wiz maintains his undeniable positive energy, even while singing about the world being — for lack of a better word — fucked. Wiz seems to be having fun in his verses, dragging words out as he pleases and mixing his entire arsenal of melodies into the three-minute track. In the hook, he sings,

"I know that the world is fucked / But look outside the sun shines,

I know that the world needs love / So imma make you smile."

WizTheMc is telling us to appreciate the little things in this head-bobber. While it may seem like a lot is out of our control, everyone can take a second to admire a sunny day, or make someone smile. Bridging the chorus, Wiz adds "I don't wanna lie to you my baby, I just wanna say.” Lyrically and vocally, WizTheMc is simply infectious. Give “World Is Fucked” a listen, and keep an eye out for one of the most promising artists out of Canada’s emerging music scene: WizTheMc.

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