Noah Vernon & Nick De La Hoyde Team up to Address a Common Feeling in New Single “Anxiety"

Joe DelloStritto

It seems like now more than ever the population is struggling with anxiety, as that anxious feeling pesters everyone at one time or another. Noah Vernon and Nick De La Hoyde teamed up to make sure all of those dealing with the daily pressures of life never feel alone in their newest release, “Anxiety.” “Anxiety” is an anthemic track that delivers a singalong chorus in between rhythmic, intimate verses. During the hook, Nick De La Hoyde sings,

"I'm trying to breathe, losing my sleep

Feeling like a physco’s stuck inside of me

I'm losing my grip, on reality

Feeling like a phsycho’s taking over me

This is my anxiety."

The instrumental collides on the chorus, creating an overwhelming feeling behind the beautifully sung lyrics, analogous to the paralyzing feeling anxiety offers. Nick De La Hoyde’s voice battles the beat, ooh’ing and ahh’ing melodies that are sure to spend time in your head. Toward the end of the track the tag-team strips the beat, singing solely atop simple guitar riffs, before culminating once again in the hard-hitting chorus. Noah Vernon and Nick De La Hoyde paint a vivid picture in this track, and those who can relate will find themselves belting out the lyrics. Stream “Anxiety” today, and understand that you’re not alone.

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