33col3 Displays His Genre-Bending Sound on His Debut Single “Pet Bear”

Nate Fenningdorf

With the release of his debut single “Pet Bear,” 33col3 displays his fresh, genre-bending sound. Teaming up with multi-talented artist Picture Us Tiny, the duo combine to create a hyperpop infused rock song that pushes the envelope of current musical boundaries.

From the memorable pre-chorus that features an unconventional lead and exquisite percussive breaths, to the extremely catchy vocals on the chorus, “Pet Bear” gives listeners all they can ask for. Through lyrics like “how do I tell you that I love you but we can’t be fixed” or “poison in our system make it easier on you and I,” the unapologetic nature of the song shines.

Picture Us Tiny – born Jackson Velli – is responsible for the grungy, upbeat production on “Pet Bear.” Flavors of his usual pop-punk style of music can be heard through the distorted guitars and punk-rock inspired vocals. The song brings a familiar 2000’s punk-rock vibe with a matured hyperpop flare that pairs brilliantly.

While 33col3 – born Zack Dacierno – has previously released music under the name zackdaci, he transitioned away from this pseudonym to expand his artistry and become a more authentic version of himself, which has taken form as 33col3. The success of this transition is evident through the evolved artistry 33col3 shows on “Pet Bear.” Listen to the new release below:

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