5 Minutes, 200 Bars. Croosh Flexes in His 2021 Opener "Spice Freestyle"

Joe DelloStritto

Croosh can be described as a serial creator. The genre-blending producer, songwriter, rapper, and singer has maintained consistent output since 2016, which is plenty more than can be said for the majority of artists in today’s game.

Entering 2021 with ambitious goals, Croosh plans to release two official songs per month. Kicking off 2021, Croosh released “Spice Freestyle,” which is a nonchalant flex of the rapper’s unparalleled lyricism. Packing 200 sleek bars into five minutes, Croosh sets the stage for the year, exuding confidence, focus, and no shortage of swagger. Self-produced with the help of Hawaii-based artist Ascend Keanu, Croosh levitates over the atmospheric beat, rapping:

"See I’m affected by surroundings

I represent every individual that’s around me

I’m cutting all the toxic people out of connection now

Choosin’ people that motivate me instead of stress me out"

That’s real. For those of you that can’t get enough of Croosh’s silvery vocals (myself included), don’t worry, because the rapper has launched a forum for exclusive content: Croosh's Patreon. The Patreon gives Croosh fans admittance to two unreleased demos per month, early access to songs and videos, and can’t-miss behind the scenes content. Oh, and if that’s not enough, Croosh will run a monthly merch giveaway through his Patreon as well.

For those of you that aren’t good at math (once again, myself included), Croosh plans to release 48 tracks this year, 24 official, and 24 Patreon demos. Like I said earlier, the man is a serial creator. Never plateauing, it’s clear that Croosh is planning to make 2021 his best year yet. For now, start by streaming “Spice Freestyle” on all platforms.

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