Abhi The Nomad Joins Forces with Kota the Friend, Releases Two New Singles

Carter Fife

If there’s any modern artist that knows how to feed his fans, it has to be Abhi the Nomad. When we last saw the Texas-based singer/rapper, he was releasing a two-pack of singles earlier this year – “Cable Car” and “Mexico,” featuring Armani White. Since his 2019 record Modern Trash, Abhi has been steadily releasing tracks full of his signature minimalistic and laid-back raps, and luckily this week he returns with another double-dose of new singles. Titled “Rockstar” and “Good Luck” respectively, the former even features a guest verse from another rapper who knows how to keep his followers fed, Brooklyn’s Kota The Friend. Together, the two creatives gear up on a fresh release that is sure to come up on your radar as the weather begins to warm up.

If you’ve heard an Abhi the Nomad or Kota The Friend track before, then it won’t be hard to fall in love with their newest collab, “Rockstar." Playing to his strengths, Abhi doubles down on a summery acoustic mix with heavy hip-hop percussion that flourishes as the track progresses. Over a sparse guitar sample, Abhi and Kota flex their great chemistry with the two effortlessly delivering meaningful verses in their signature carefree cadences. It’s everything you would ever want from a summertime banger, but if you’re still hungry for more, “Good Luck” should be sure to satiate you. Abhi provides listeners with a stylistic curveball, a bright and shining pop track with a serious funk vibe. His singing is surprisingly polished, with Abhi the Nomad’s cleverly-written melodies sending his swagger off the charts. The bassline is infectious and cheery, the composition is smart, and Abhi seems to approach the musical process with ease so tangible it might make you jealous.

Having been born in India before moving all around the globe, perhaps this is one of the things that make Abhi’s affinity for genre-bending so strong. No matter what you’re looking for in a summertime banger, both “Rockstar” with Kota the Friend and “Good Luck” will be sure to make appearances on your upcoming summer rotations. Though I’m crossing my fingers that Abhi has an album around the corner, I’m totally fine with waiting if it means we’ll be treated to more tracks like this.

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